Erectile Dysfunction

What is erectile dysfunction (ED)?

What is erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve and/or maintain an adequate erection.

What are some causes of erectile dysfunction?

Vascular Issues: Poor blood flow to the penis.

Age: ED increases with age

Neurological Disorders: Nerve-related conditions affecting signals.

Pelvic Surgery or Trauma: Nerve and blood vessel damage.

Hormonal Imbalances: Low testosterone, thyroid issues.

Peyronie's Disease: Scar tissue causing curved erections.

Psychological Factors: Stress, anxiety, depression.

Chronic Illnesses: Conditions like kidney or heart disease.

Medications: Side effects of certain drugs.

Sleep Disorders: Sleep apnea affects hormones.

Lifestyle Factors: Smoking, alcohol, lack of exercise.

Relationship Issues: Conflicts or lack of communication.

Obesity: Excess weight affecting hormones and blood flow.

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What are some treatments for erectile dysfunction?

Oral Medications: Drugs like sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis), and vardenafil (Levitra) help increase blood flow to the penis.

Hormone Therapy: If low testosterone is a cause, hormone replacement therapy might help.

Injections: IPT-141 works on the central nervous system to increase sexual arousal and desire. PT-141 is administered via a subcutaneous injection and can be self-administered.

Psychological Counseling: Therapy to address underlying psychological factors.

Lifestyle Changes: Improving diet, exercise, quitting smoking, and managing stress can help.

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